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Likes: Cola Monster
Can we say “F-R-O-S-T-Y?”

Yes. Yes we can. Lol!

I’m getting ready to try your DT that Beez has. The man’s burying me in chemovars, and one of them is yours. :yahoo:
Can we say “F-R-O-S-T-Y?”

Yes. Yes we can. Lol!



I think you tried the DT - its a landrace sativa. Be careful. Not too strong until it is with no ceiling. One of those can give you a little panic. I like it and am used to it. Definitely wake and bake material.

The Slurricane - still going with fatty the fatterer colas on these. Sticky oh yeah. Have to wipe down with iso after messing with them.

Going on 90 days for a Cookies variant. So should have some Sativa in it. Shoulda taken a cut I'm thinking... maybe I did I have to look lol

How ya making out down South?

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