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First Medical Closet Grow

First Medical Closet Grow

Tuesday, June 01, 2010, 8:20 PM update:

Fed all plants Supernatural Brand Aqua Bloom and Bloombastic only.

Did some rotating on plants and rearranged branches to shed light on lower branches. Also a little leaf tucking to expose bud sites to more light.

Checked PH Level: 6.0-6.2

Closet Temp was 79 Degrees

48 days into Flowering Cycle 12/12 (400 watt Hortilux Super HPS)

76 days since purchasing Clones - 3 Ice Cream (tallest also), One Candy Purple(left front near door), one Kushadelic and one Lemon Kush in 5gl bucket on green table.

28 days of Vegetative Cycle (400 watt Hortilux Blue) - started with 24/0 for 5 days, 20/4 for two weeks, then 18/6 for the remaining Vegetative Cycle

6 Plants Total

3 Ice Cream, 1 Candy Purple, 1 Kushadelic, 1 Lemon Kush
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