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Gorilla Glue
I love all the phenotypes in this room. Tiny little leaves to great big 9 fingered ladies. The smells... especially when I LST.

I tried to PH the soil with a probe stock but it was hard to get a solid reading so I'm going to go grab that and a scale that is more sensitive.

Added water to the humidifier
Temp 23
Humidity 38
I have moved about half to Bloom. They are about 1ft in height if they were to stand upright. I chose the ones that were either phenotypes I didn't like, or want to keep as Mothers. I also want to clone the shorter stocky plants. I am needing some advice, I LST the crap out of them at least every other day. That being said, they plants I really like are tight to the stock therefor hard to clone unless I top. Does anyone have any guidance they can offer? I'll post some picture of what I mean.
I also placed my ugly ducklings in flower.

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