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Grandpa Glue

Grandpa Glue

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I can virtually smell her from here!:3:
I've got 7 phenos of Gorilla Bomb (Gorilla Glue #4 x THC Bomb) in flowering right now that are on day 48 but smelling up the joint already. :thumb:

First time for me growing this strain but not the last I'm thinking.
The Grandpa Glue is a true unicorn. I’m lucky to have gotten these seeds as they aren’t for sale anywhere. I wanna say she’ll be my new favorite, But after the bowls of sour Bubba I’ve toked over the last few days, that’s a very high bar to raise. She looks frostier than anything I’ve grown though.
Is Grandpa Glue a Gorilla Glue #4 mix of some sort?
There are so many different strains and crosses these days it's hard to know what's mixed with what.
Grandpa Glue is S1 of the original forum cut of gorilla glue #4. As close to the real thing as you can find in seed form. Grandpa Tokin received and (still) holds the clone only GG#4. He sent a cut to Beez0404 who made s1s and passed some to me.

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