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Hey I got a question., I want to invest into some new lights , not the tsl or Tsw look nice , and get a great footprint , Ur the sp series , say I had a 2 x4 and got an app 250 , would I need a second ok in the tent to get even par wall to wall or should I go with the wider tsl series
one SP250 cover 2x4 well. If you already have one, you don't need to add more light
one SP250 cover 2x4 well. If you already have one, you don't need to add more light
I don’t have one , I was wanting to purchase a tsl2000 I know someone getting good results , I was just curious at what puts these let’s apart ? I see people getting great results with the sp series and the tsl series , my question Is one better then the other. Just doing some research ,before I make a purchase, with lights in the past I realized the quality of the buds got worse on the outside of the tent , so I stuffed 3 mars 300s and a 144 reflector in a 2x4 to achieve what I wanted , and it gets great results , I’m just starting to loose blues , so I want to upgrade .So the tsl is almost as big as the 2x4 So I figure it would get a more even light spread over a canopy. I just don’t want to buy a light pull out the par meter and realize it’s getting half the par On the edges of the tent. I see a grow where I guy stuffed two sp250s ina 2x4 . So I was just curious if the same thing was going in on the outside edges and what was happening to me. What do you recommend @SmokeSara to achieve what I’m after here . But for me I will only be able to purchase one light. So why would someone pick the tsl over the sp series and vise versa . Thanks for your response :) :thanks:

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