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The rest of the Pineapple Express harvest

Niceee brotha
Thanx man I'm so excited to have gotten this big of an auto lmao. An I got a surprise that I will be unveiling in the journal in the next few days as well. So dnt say nuthn to any1 lmao but I jus got sponsored by fastbuds to do a journal for them lmao. They seen me run there pineapple express an they liked it so much they offered to sponsor my next auto run. An idk if they are sending me the strains I was talking to them about the other day or not but if so it would be stardawg and smoothie auto. So I really hope they send those strains lol. But either way I'll be doing a special hibrix:meatballs: auto run for fastbuds so should be some good fun :headbanger: lol.

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