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  • 20201204_190232.jpg
    Or they pinned befor being disturbed
  • 20201204_190232.jpg
    And it looks like you threw a full colony on top of more substrate and then fruited.... its upside down. Those shrooms are using memory to grow...
  • 20201204_190232.jpg
    Your kind of pushing the limit on fruiting capacity though. Your box is mishaped. The veg to fruit ratio is poor. You have more substrate then you...
  • 20201204_190232.jpg
    I would actually throw a lid on that and put in back in veg for amonth month and a half... nothing but huge gains bra
  • 20201204_190232.jpg
    https://www.420magazine.com/community/gallery/20201204_190232-jpg.1804660/full Beautiful to look at just spiraling out in all directions seeings...

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