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  • F129E2AF-7C0F-45FC-942F-C2D7B4FCA025.jpeg
    I don’t think my La Berry Fruta are going to make it probably my fault I up potted instead of placing them in there finale container. I am...
  • F129E2AF-7C0F-45FC-942F-C2D7B4FCA025.jpeg
    Hey man, Any updates on La Berry Fruta? I'm currently growing one, 14 days old, looks almost the same size as yours. Is it supposed to be this...
  • Godfather OG - 2/Mar/21
    Thanks AH! Hopefully it all continues to go well to harvest. I'm really looking forward to have 3 new strains to toke on. I have had very little...
  • Godfather OG - 2/Mar/21
    Glad to see all your girls looking so good bud. Especially that Godfather Og is very photogenic for sure! And as expected that outdoor yield is...
  • IMG_3408.JPG
    Great work Chimp! :drool: :thumb:

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