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  • 20210517_203153.jpg
    Still a slight magnesium deficiency but I have upped the calmag supplement for these 2 to from 1ml/G to 5ml/G and it seems to be helping as well...
  • 20210517_203153.jpg
    Fresh growth is looking waaay better!! Seems to me that they just took some time adjusting back to health after the overly turbulent pails and the...
  • Bubba’s Sis S1s
    :woohoo: :yahoo:
  • 20210516_073405-01.jpeg
    I believe that most of mine were viable and fresh. From my original 6, 5 of 6 sprouted. Then from the two outside, only one finally sprouted after...
  • 20210516_073405-01.jpeg
    That's a pity! How was the germination rate overall?

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