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  • 20210302_200406.jpg
    Thanks! welp couldnt have been that strain although id love to try growing some! ill keep searching..so far im thinking its Rossetta Stone or...
  • 20210302_200406.jpg
    pretty much all the pics are bc god bud from the bc bud depot its a hybird so the individual plants vary it won the cannabis cup for indica...
  • 20210302_200406.jpg
    May I ask what strain this photo is? I have a plant that looks similiar Ive been trying to identify for sure. Smells insanely of skunky gas if is...
  • glueberry.jpg
    :drool: :thumb:
  • F129E2AF-7C0F-45FC-942F-C2D7B4FCA025.jpeg
    I don’t think my La Berry Fruta are going to make it probably my fault I up potted instead of placing them in there finale container. I am...

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