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Vulx Packaging

Vulx Packaging

Vulx comes in these little black buckets that do about 10 plants.
How can I become a grower to market your product. I have background in product research and development. And I would really like to get Wright a blog the whole process for you guys. Is there any chance I could get sponsorship to try yalls product. I will document every last minute. Thanks to technology. As I plan to use up to date gadgets in my garden to check ph levels. Water content level. Cameras in infrared_. And kinds of goodies.
What you're asking about sounds a bit more in depth than your standard product review/grow journal thread. Essentially becoming an affiliate? We definitely offer this kind of thing to certain people, especially if you have connections with commercial cultivation facilities. Feel free to email admin@getvulx.com with a resume.
I want to be a sponsor for your company by selling me less snf let me help y'all mark

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