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    Saliva test?

    got the job got orientation on saturday yesss!:peace:
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    How much do u pay for a half Ounce

    in Dallas half oz of corn which is like mid for 45-50 to 60(rarely) reggie is like 30 some kush or purple would be like 150 i get corn an oz would be a hundred straight
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    Anyone from Texas?

    east dallas in dis thang lol
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    New Super Strain - HeadBand

    Re: New Super Strain- "HeadBand" headband is good we got it in dallas just got 2 oz of it faak wit meeh!!!
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    Supply shop in dallas

    puff n stuff theres a hydroponic store next door in east dallas
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    Greetings from far North Dallas

    wats up man im from dallas. how you like down here
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    Saliva test?

    thanks this helps i'm trying to get a job at kroger's i got this magnum detox saliva cleansing mouth wash to be on the safe side because i smoked 17 hours before the test but i used peroxide at night and before test and brushed my teeth good hopefully i get the job im still waiting!
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    these pics yall got aint corn corns light green yall getn played lol
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