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    Comment by '2high4u' in media '420'

    is that seriously all keif man I came
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    Comment by '2high4u' in media '2152'

    but seriously u got an a on that test right?
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    Comment by '2high4u' in media '2152'

    fuck school
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    Comment by '2high4u' in media '420nugs'

    the border...was it necessary?
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    Comment by '2high4u' in media '420 pic'

    who cares that collection is legit...
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    Purple urkel and mystery medicine

    this urkel makes me wanna splurg on myself :11:
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    My Very First Rubbermaid Grow

    Ya looking pretty stout so far bro..
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    Comment by '2high4u' in media 'Gorilla0066'

    My new favorite room...ever
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    Comment by '2high4u' in media '1_2'

    What i would do to be on ur grow team....
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    Comment by '2high4u' in media 'death and life'

    Cant tell u how many times this has happened to me and my buddies...all u gotta do is just buy a lil bowl to blaze out of..till u save up for a phat bong hahaha
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    White Russian soil grow from seeds

    motivation has a point i noticed that on my last grow also...but your leaves are looking alot better than before..might wanna get a co2 setup might help bring in some fatter buds and faster growth...
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    Hey all just a quick question thxs

    Just go with the red for the first part of you grow i tried it out with my buddies..works like a charm blue after bout 5-6 weeks then def the hps for flowering
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    Is there too much air

    My friend ran had two air stone set up but didnt have the problem...try taking out one of the stones.
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    Cleaning urine ?

    ahaha dude come on
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    Keeping the smell off you?

    usually if u just walk around or your outside for a good 30 minutes after smoking you'll be fine for talking to someone...but make sure to go inside and wash ur face and hands ps the water feels super dank
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