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    27"x27"x64" LED Lights?

    Veg - up to around 700 Bloom - between 500 - 1000 Ppfd is the same no matter the light source
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    How many plants should I grow in my bedroom closet about 3x6 ft 8 ft high?

    Re: How many plants should I grow in my bedroom closet about 3x6 ft, 8 ft high? I think 4 in a 3 x 3 is kind of the limit unless you SOG. You could do less if you really spread them out horizontally. It al depends on how long you want to veg them for
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    Building The Ultimate 200w Cree Grow Light - 16 x Cree 1512 3000k 93cri $200

    If you google "convert lux to ppdf" you will find a link: PPFD to Lux Conversion The approximate conversion to change lux to ppfd is to divide by 65 for a 4500k temperature light. Do some more research, and it seems you need to divide by somewhere around 69 to get the conversion for white COB...
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    Auto Drip Irrigation For CoCo

    I would think an air stone in the reservoir should add enough oxygen. That's what I ended up doing; and I think I eventually removed the emitters. I was also in a situation where I was going away for a couple of weeks at a time and needed to set up some watering system to cover my absence. I...
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    10 Minute DIY Tupperware Bubble Cloner

    Another DIY cloner... I had an old aquarium water pump and some microirrigation tubing lying around and threw this together. I had to go to home depot to pick up a bucket and lid ($5) and a couple of misting emitters ($6) because I couldn't wait for ultra cheap ones to arrive from China...
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    What nutrients should I use

    I don't think you can go wrong with any nutrients that are designed specifically for Cannabis. All of the companies are very interested in staying in business, and are not interested in putting out poor products. If you can find a company that is relatively local, I would go with them, rather...
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    Droopy leaves at 1 week - Help!

    I've never put seedlings right under HPS, but does 1.5 feet sound a little bit low?
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    Crop King - We Will Do Better

    I grew their Jack Herer auto seeds last year. They were wonderful. I've been meaning to go back and get some more, but I have a bunch of their other seeds to work my way through first.
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    Auto Drip Irrigation For CoCo

    I like the T's. I did some drip feeding with Coco last year, and I found that sometimes the drip emitter would get clogged. I never go around to trying different emitters, but it's always in my mind for a project. I like projects. :)
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    Does hydrogen peroxide increase nutrient uptake?

    I wouldn't think so.. Hydrogen Peroxide naturally decomposes H2O2 -> H2O + O2. I would think that there is very little H2O2 left after a few hours.
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    DIY Grow Box

    I think you should probably be alright for now. I started with a similar set up when i first started, and I remember thinking that my seedlings were a little bit lanky, mostly because they were stretching for more light, but I was able to get the stems a bit stronger by having a slight breeze on...
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    Differences between HLG, ELG and LPC drivers?

    I don't think you'll see much difference between them. The datasheet shows that the LPC is 90% efficient, and then ELG is 92% efficient. I recall comparing HLG and ELG drivers (same power output, same current) and seeing that the HLG was 2-3% more efficient. However, if you're only looking at...
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