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  • Thank you brother !! I love your pic too, great message!!! Good to see someone in same geographical area as well!!! GO DAWGS!!!
    God bless, and PEACE!!
    Cool and thanks guys for all the likes and reps giving me my 2nd green dot. :allgood:

    I'ts good to know people care about what you have to say.

    :thanks: to everyone here at :420:
    I guess everyone knows I've been back so I'm sorry I didn't think to come here and say so...lol :yikes: :sorry::surrender:

    I'm not sure if everyone here know's that a while back I was actually on the staff here at 420 mag until the old POS computer I was using totally crashed to the point that it wouldn't even cut on anymore.....grrrrrr!!!! not cool!!!

    Well anyway, last weekend my mom actually decided to give me my X-mas present early in the form of this bad ass new Toshiba 4G laptop complete with a skype feature, which I cant seem to get enough time to learn about yet, but I will.

    +420 cool points for Mom, cool Mom's rule! :cheer::58::headbang::5::nomo::woohoo:

    This thing is amazingly fast and I will be giving them a great review when I get the chance for sure.

    Ok guys, that's all for now, peace and God bless everyone here at 420 Magazine :peace::Namaste:
    Thanks everyone for all the reps and likes. :thanks::thanks:

    When I get back here I plan on gathering some friends to join me in the activist corner forum because 30 something posts about what we all believe in is not acceptable to me so that ghost town in their needs to be as well populated as the grow forums..we have a lot of work to do! :MoreNutes::thumb:

    C-y'all L8R & mass love/props to everyone here at 420 Magazine

    :peace: &:circle-of-love:

    Jimbo E
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