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    Brownies? Cakes? Rice Crispy Treats

    Rice crispy's treats don't work because they use such a small amount of butter. I know how you feel man, I had a horrible case of influenza around Christmas time. I just had to stop smoking altogether for about a week.
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    Well known bands promoting maryjane on stage,seen any?

    When I saw Primus, they brought up a big sign that said, "Does Louisianna smoke weed??" and everyone cheered. Everyone knows that Les Claypool takes bong rips right before coming out on stage.
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    Toking under candle light

    I always go on hikes, and come across some little abandoned shack. Usually, I'll take that opportunity to have a bowl with no wind interferance. Sometimes the sun is barely lighting the inside, and there's probably a nest of mice in most of them, but I still treasure the memories of sparking...
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    My marijuana legalization idea

    Re: My !!realistic!! marijuana legalization idea I like the licence idea, and I've believed for a long time that there should already be alcohol licences. I'm not so down on the idea of paying a licence fee, but think of it. If someone fucked up with alcohol and drove drunk and hit a kid or...
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    If pot was legal

    If MJ were legal and owned my major corporations, there would still be competition between companies. I think that we would have a large choice when buying it. We could get it filtered or unfiltered, with additives or pure, etc etc. And I bet it would be legal to grow (as it already is in...
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    Pot leaf for my first tattoo

    Re: FiRsT TaTT I'm a keep the human body pure kind of guy. I just don't see why people want permenent ink on their skin, even if it is art. Whenever I see a girl with a tattoo, it turns me right off. Especially when they're on a woman's arm, that's like the place for men to get tattoos. You...
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    How Dangerous Is Marijuana

    What? Depression depens on the individual. There are many causes to it, and sure, I bet some people can get depressed from smoking weed. I honestly think that Marijuana:0 deaths is bullshit. I'm sure somebody somewhere has smoked only weed and still got lung/throat cancer. Some of my...
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    The key to cooking butter without burning

    Double boil. Boil the butter/water in a pan that fits inside a slightly bigger pan full of boiling water. That way, you can cook it without worry of burning it.
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    Drugs are bad

    Re: Drugs are bad, Here, Take these pills I don't care about medication pills for ADD or impetense. What gets me is there are drugs out there, like alcohol and nicotine, which are much worse then MJ, much more dangerous, and yet these are the drugs that the gov. wants us to use recreationally...
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    Vexy's New Pipe!

    Re: Vexy's New Pipe!! If I had that pipe, I'd probably name it the frost biter.
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    tolerance question

    Half a bowl a day? If your tolerance goes up, it won't be by much.
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    Marijuana isn't?

    Re: Cigarettes and Alcohol is legal but... Marijuana isn't? As Bill Hicks once said, "Isn't it interesting that the two drugs that are legal, alcohol and cigarettes, are the two drugs that do absolutely nothing for you whatsoever, and drugs that grow naturally on this planet, drugs that open...
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    Flowing with music

    I hate radio, unless it's serious satalite radio or something. I can't stand the low quality songs and constant annoying ads and blabbering DJ's on normal radio. But satalite radio is fun as hell to listen to when you're high. They have stations that play nothing but great classic songs, like...
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    Christmas bud

    I get all the smokers in my family buds for christmas.. My friends and I have always had an agreement to not get each other stuff for christmas, but we still enjoyed some bowls together.
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    It is so sad...

    I wouldn't say weed could fix all of your grandmothers problems, but it could defintatly make them easier to deal with.. For me, weed helps the mental problems much better then the physical.
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