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    Pot of Gold

    Mmmmm I'm envious.
  2. 420Gemmy

    Purple Kush (sooo nice)

    Man that looks so damn tasty.
  3. 420Gemmy

    New pi from green spirit....

    Nice grow man looks like your going to harvest some pretty nice buds off that.
  4. 420Gemmy

    Pan's Potpourri

    Nice plants dude, well done on the grow.
  5. 420Gemmy

    White Widow

    Looking very tasty man!
  6. 420Gemmy

    Wassup 420magazine and Dallas!

    Hey man welcome to the forums!
  7. 420Gemmy

    just popped some fire crackers in the oven

    Those sandwiches sound tasty!
  8. 420Gemmy

    Is MJ a "gateway" drug

    Nah I don't think it's a gateway drug at all I know heaps of pot smokers that don't touch any other drugs.
  9. 420Gemmy

    Recent Buys

    Looks lush as mmmmmm.
  10. 420Gemmy

    From montreal to amsterdam

    Hey man welcome to the forums!
  11. 420Gemmy

    New here from Oregon

    heya mamabear welcome to the forums!
  12. 420Gemmy

    Marijuana Lovers

    Hey jarrid welcome :)
  13. 420Gemmy

    New Irish Member

    Hey dude, a big fat welcome from oz :)
  14. 420Gemmy

    New CT Member

    Hey man welcome to the forums :)
  15. 420Gemmy

    'Sup from Vegas!

    Hey dude welcome to the forums :)
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