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    Poll: Moving to live in cannabis freedom

    I live in Canada. BC Bud is amazing, but not the best in Canada. The good stuff is from Toronto, Ontario, but you gotta know the best for the best, but I suppose that is pretty general, lol. I got some called Sonny Jim from my buddy just a ways from Toronto, and I swear, I could see my ceiling...
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    Who I am today. =]

    Thank you my friend, I think I will. :rollit: Keep tokin' mate.
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    Who I am today. =]

    Hello all stoners, potheads, and blazers, I'm feeling good today. How about you? :smoke2: As the title said, marijuana, has made me who I am today, and I am proud of it. I tried fitting in with the skaters, but I can't skate, I tried fitting in with the nerds, but I'm not really a homework-doing...
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