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    Woodworking Chemicals In Grow Room: Okay? Not Okay?

    Hi All, Anyone do woodworking in their grow room? My garage grow has been humming along for years and years with great results. Many years ago I made a newb mistake and burned sulfur with the lights on to get rid of mites. That was the end of that grow. And the mites lol. I want to build a...
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    Can I go from veg in coco coir to flower in soil?

    No problem at all, although I'd try to talk you into switching that soil closet to coco as well, but since I'm not going to try to talk you into that, what I do when I need to switch to soil from coco for outdoor plants is just transplant them into soil. I prune the roots a bit depending on how...
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    Is this a hermie or something else?

    Strain: Polar Dawg. First time running this strain but have heard good things from a reliable source of the clones. I have had good results for many years in this particular tent. First time seeing this. What has changed, you ask? First, temps are good, humidity is good, air exchange is...
  4. PolarDawg


    <p>Trying to figure out if this is a hermie or something else.</p>
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    Blue Dream outdoor potted grow. Cold Temps?

    If you're in CA and you put her outdoors now, she'll immediately kick into flower. You'll have to provide supplemental lighting to make the days longer outdoors to keep her in veg mode.
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    Premature Flowering Question

    Research on premature flowering reveals a lot about how to prevent it from happening, but not much in terms of what to do about it when given certain parameters. I was forced to put plants in the ground in Central California in early April when we were getting pounded by storms. They are...
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    Some indoor Questions

    Never used a cooltube, but I don't think they come with fans. I wouldn't know though, just looking on the web right quick. Either way, you want to pull air thru the carbon filter, not push air thru it.
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    Some indoor Questions

    yeah, heating and cooling seem to be the most common problems with stealthy grows. if there's a way to exhaust the air through the light pulling fresh air in passively, that'd prolly help a ton, too.
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    Anyone ever grow on their own patio?

    Depends on whether you're in a legal state or not. If you're legal, your only worries are thieves. A not so nice dog works well. Since you're worried about visibility from the air my guess is you need stealth. I'd go greenhouse/covered somehow from above or indoor. :peace:
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    Some indoor Questions

    Your selection looks good. Don't forget to circulate the air with clip on fans or something.
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    Space Issue, need input please!

    Re: Space Issue, need input plz! Will you be staying in that box for the entire flowering period?
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    First aero clone/veg

    3-10 ppm? It's got no cal/mag. There's the problem. Get some and bump the ppm to 130-150 with it before adding nutes.
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    Please Help...My Little Ones Are Dying Off

    I wouldn't say that without proof. Some municipalities, sure, the water is horrible. Some are perfectly fine. That's fine, but you must add cal/mag to mimic good tap water before adding nutes. I'd want to know the TDS of my tap water before investing in an RO system. For example, my tap...
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    Whos knows about the sea of green technique? i need yoda

    Check out 420fied's Journal for more information. 1) Smart pots are great (I use them) but for a SOG you'd be better off in something like a 2 liter bottle. I'll be using small 6" square pots soon. Might journal it. 2) As many as you can cram in the space which depends on the pot you use...
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