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    CBD has its benefits for sure, the anti-inflammatory affects are known. Likely at higher doses than what is being sold at the counter with their recommendations. But I recently learned about the entourage effect. Pretty cool.
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    Marijuana & Anti-Depressants

    There are so many variables my best suggestion is what you think and feel fully about how they are helping you. Example: If part of you is unsure of a medication it is less likely to be affective. What a dangerous and powerful thing. Dosing seems to play a role as well. For example: micro...
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    Super cropping: don't go overboard!

    Did you ever ask yourself what do the growers who make 900+ pound Pumpkins do to their plants to make a bigger fruit? I have absolutely over stressed a plant before but considered it was prolly not stable genetics. I use super cropping throughout the veg phase to help keep an even canopy. I only...
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    Advocate420's 2019: 2 Plant Medical Grow

    Well, going to be some long days of isolation. I have no one in the house hold with me. I work in the medical field and my family/friends are scared enough to isolate from me after going into work. I am not sure if it will be permitted to go to state parks or maybe even some hiking. I am not...
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