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    Tangerine Dream Auto T5/CFL Indoor First Grow

    Just want to provide a wrap up here on this grow journal. All turned out well. I cut the smaller/quicker-finishing plant about 3 weeks ago and the bigger slower one about a week ago. Dried each in paper bags for about 5 days and now all are curing in jars. Buds from plant #1 have already...
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    tangerine dream harvest
  3. IMG_1695.JPG


    tangerine dream near harvest
  4. IMG_1708.JPG


    tangerine dream harvest
  5. IMG_1703.JPG


    tangerine dream underneath
  6. IMG_1710.JPG


    tangerine dream harvest
  7. AJGreenMT

    Tangerine Dream Auto T5/CFL Indoor First Grow

    Made a few adjustments tonight for some more light as I head into the home stretch. Hung the T5 in a slanted way so it is as close as possible to both plants despite one being a good 6-8 inches taller than the other, and added 2 additional 26 watt 2700k cfl bulbs in clamp lights around the...
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    tangerine dream week 8, close up
  9. IMG_1562.JPG


    tangerine dream, week 8
  10. FullSizeRender-1.jpg


    tangerine dream week 8, more lights
  11. AJGreenMT

    Tangerine Dream Auto T5/CFL Indoor First Grow

    Thank you Troy, I appreciate the input and it's good to hear someone knowledgable confirm that I'm on the right track. So, I will try to thin out some of the lower leaves that are in the dark, and otherwise I'm going to continue doing as I have been, going easy on the nutrients and perhaps...
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    tangerine dream, first LST
  13. IMG_1483.JPG


    tangerine dream, shortly before flowering
  14. IMG_1468.JPG


    tangerine dream, LST in progress
  15. AJGreenMT

    Tangerine Dream Auto T5/CFL Indoor First Grow

    Hi, new grower here, just experimenting in the basement in a low budget way and hoping for some support. I've been learning as I go, mainly by reading lots of great info from threads on here. I have been meaning to start a journal ever since my seeds first popped but haven't gotten to it...
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