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    How to prepare edibles for absolute fastest onset?

    I made some tincture with everclear n haven't had anything positive about it yet. I decarbed my herb let it soak for 18 days shaking daily kept in cool dark place. I'm not happy. I think it was a waste of my time. I used 3.8 grams of quality herb in 3 ounces of 151 everclear.
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    Another is it ready thread

    Looks amazing I'm no expert in still new so I can't help. I'm watching this thread to learn.
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    Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack Auto By Fastbuds - LED - Coco Coir - Sensi Bloom Coco

    Re: Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack Auto By Fastbuds - LED - Coco Coir - Sensi Bloom I'm pleased to read this information thanks a lot for taking the time.
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    Ohio - Medical Marijuana

    Agreed, the delay is to see if big pharma can real it in and the Buckeye state is trying to maximize its option here no surprise.
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    T-Minus 2 years

    I'm happy, but I want more as well. Time obviously will tell.
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    Ohio To Issue Grow Licenses

    I want to be able to cultivate my own medicine for me not for sale. So I guess that is still going to be illegal. Irritating to say the least, and the whole no smoking it we can vape it and eat it but combustion is not an approved method of using the medicine. I wish we could get it as...
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    Thanks for having me

    Well my first grow ever was 2 nirvanna autos bubbleicious and northern light. I made lots of mistakes. I learned from them all i harvested just over 2 ounces total from them total. My next will be better. This site is a huge asset. I am to nervous to keep a journal. So I am hacking away as I go.
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    Heads up for new growers from a new grower

    Sounds like you have it down. I'm fixing or having some of those issues and it's nice to see a page showing it like you are great work.
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    Need help! She's hurt can't figure out pH!

    Yep I have the encyclopedia and it's teaching me as I run my first grow. No journal as I am to rookie yet.maybe next grow I'll do my own journal to learn more.
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    Tom Smith's First Indoor Grow With Autos 2017

    I bought the Carson 60 x 120 it's nice you can look and see oil at my hair on my follicle base on my finger. It's nice to see pests up close to. I like it Great grow op looks awesome
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    2nd Grow: 4 x Strawberry Ice & 2 x Caramelicious, Coco & Mars Hydro 320, 4x4

    re: 2nd Grow - 4 X Strawberry Ice & 2 X Caramelicious - Coco & Mars Hydro 320 - 4x4 Nice your doing better than my first is going. I'm working on my first nitrogen deficiency. After haveing thrips lol learning curve. Plus I don't have a green thumb either. I'll watch more to see how it...
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    A possible issue - Need some advice

    They are serious if you let them go. They breed fast and will mess up your plant. Your leaves will start wilting and die as they get attacked. I hat these bugs lol Neem organic oil sprayed on and under leaves is helping mine. I bought pryrethrum to spray as well it kills I think neem oil is a...
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    A possible issue - Need some advice

    Hard for me to dial it in close enough. I think it's a young thrip. Not an adult yet.
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    Crashdog's 1st Grow Journal - How To Torture Small Leafy Things - DWC

    Great grow, I'm loving it. I might build some hydro buckets for my next.
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