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    Drink More Water When You Smoke Cannabis

    Gratitude for this great post! Thank you all for sharing your thoughts! Small inputs about drinking water from the yogic perspective- - The most important time to drink water- when we wake up in the morning; preferably before drinking coffee - To drink more water, try not to taste the water...
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    Yogic technique to smoke the sacred herb!

    aum Gratitude, Sodashi Devi & Suryadasi! Wanting to include another important insight to taking a safe inner journey that contains no paranoia, or anxieties. The objective is to attain the calm state of harmony above the mind and aware of the breathless realm through each breath. - ensure...
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    Yogic technique to smoke the sacred herb!

    aum "Hamsa" is a pure state of mind that relates to a mythical swan. This mythical swan supposedly could drink the milk out of water that was mixed with milk. Hamsa refers to the mind able to filter and absorb the good through the vast inputs before it. When we meditate and go deeper inwards...
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