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    Hemp Milk - Its Healthy And Legal

    sweet, im definitely gonna try that out, im tired of cow milk anyways lolz
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    New flavor in

    Re: new flavor in~ as long as the recommendation is from a physician/M.D. :3: :bong:
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    One male outta 8

    some strains take 1-2 weeks to sex, others taka longer.. just really depends on what your working with.,
  4. ALWAYS-420

    what to do

    you can smoke males, but its not good and its not worth it ;) just kill'em~
  5. ALWAYS-420

    Yes Or No To Males?

    males = compost material haha
  6. ALWAYS-420

    first timer and have a question about lighting

    yes, get more CFLs (fluros). those tubes are good enough for veg, but i would use something else to flower with :)
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    Cost to set up a Grow Room

    my 1st setup cost roughly around 550-700,. you dont want to go too crazy for your 1st time around. thats usually a newbie mistake :P
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    Are There Any 420 Friendly Companies Out There To Work For?

    i wonder what i'll score with the urine test.. lolz "excuse me sir, we got your results in,, and quite frankly.. you smoke too much F'ing kind.." hahaha
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    Count Down to Trial

    damn the feds sure do love Ed.. --may the green be with you :P
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    Marijuana Martyr

    ditto on the comment above, ignorance is bliss.. what can i say? :(
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    New flavor in

    Re: new flavor in~ :3: thnx moose~ **hopefully i can get some pics posted for the new flavors, just waiting for a new camera :hmmmm: **wish i could teleport some nugs to ya bro, :60: l8rs
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    New flavor in

    :rasta: (Indica) Blue God *nice mellow high, relaxing. *earthy-berry taste N smell :smoke2: cheers
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    Has anyone tried 14/10 in late flowering?

    14/10 ?? never heard of that one. i'd stick to what works, 12/12
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    Traveling to California

    you should get an answer soon, NORML is usually good regarding the 'replies' .
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