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    Watering while on vacation?

    Hey 420, Quick background: I am growing indoors, in soil, and have plants ranging from baby clones to the final weeks of flower. I normally water them with about 1-2 gallons of plain water every 3-4 days, depending on how much they need. Only my mother plant gets any nutes, and for the sake...
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    Perpetual Grow - Blue Mystic Indoor

    wow, so apparently it's been 3 months since I was last actively participating on these boards. I have to admit that once I got the hang of growing I stopped coming on here looking for answers to questions. The result is that I have gotten really lazy in my approach (or maybe that's just all the...
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    Late flowering mass accumulation techniques

    The only technique I use is keeping the plant in 48 - 72 hours of total darkness before cutting them and hanging to dry. In my experience doing this versus going straight from the normal 12/12 to hanging doesn't have a huge impact like others have reported in trich growth or development. I do...
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    How Much Does Your Bud Cost To Grow?

    I wish! Not a lot of opportunities for that in my current situation however :30:
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    How Much Does Your Bud Cost To Grow?

    I'm glad this thread got bumped because I really enjoyed it the first time I responded back in November 2012. Here is a little more detail now that I'm further along: Seeds ~ $65 Lights ~ $400 Fans, carbon filter ~ $350 Soil ~ $150 Nutes ~ $80 Ozone generators and odor control gel ~ $360...
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    1st Time Grower Box Build - 1st Clones And New Grow - Maui Wowie - GDP - LA Kush

    How much did you pay for the wireless system?
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    Getting close, how long?

    Damn those plants are looking frosty. Great pictures.
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    Perpetual Grow - Blue Mystic Indoor

    You smoked the leaves? You mean while they were still in veg you just plucked some and smoked them? Did it feel like a normal high? Did you dry them first? Sorry for all the questions but I never heard of anyone doing that before.
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    1st Time Grower Box Build - 1st Clones And New Grow - Maui Wowie - GDP - LA Kush

    Lol, "all dead in a puddle of water". Sounds like she murdered them. Nice pics Muttt, I like how you show the progression. It really makes it easy to see exactly how things are taking off. Good work.
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    Perpetual Grow - Blue Mystic Indoor

    I only use Bio-Bloom in terms of nutes, and am only growing Blue Mystic. I might try a sativa in the future, but I like the results of this strain so far so no plans to change anything. I would like something that is more of an upper though, compared to this one which has me couch locked most of...
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    Perpetual Grow - Blue Mystic Indoor

    Interesting. You'll have to let me know how those workout for you
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    Perpetual Grow - Blue Mystic Indoor

    Still, that is crazy impressive. I have been actually going the opposite route and using less and less nutes. I have been feeding the plants mainly just ph'd water for 2 waterings, then nutes and water every third time. I can't even imagine having a plant that could put out that much...
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    Do you need to cure a harvest that is going to become edibles?

    I definitely plan to dry it first, but that is only a few days as opposed to a cure which will take a few weeks after the drying. I do like the idea of trying the water cure method, but I am afraid to attempt it with an entire harvest. Maybe I will try it with a few grams first just so that I...
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