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    Leaf shape is changing

    The plant must be pruned back and put into a veg cycle. 18/6 Cut it back...I would try to make budder with it. Let us know what happens. LadyA
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    How Much Will I Yield?

    I have a pond in my yard. I dip my watering can into the pond water and use it to water my plants. NOT every watering...only once a month or so. Fish poop is great for plants. Lady A
  3. AmyLGeek

    Siamese twins?

    I have a seed that is a twin. If it were germinated will it will it grow into 2 plants? Lady A
  4. AmyLGeek

    Happy Spring

    Thanks for the Welcome. Lady A
  5. AmyLGeek

    Amotivational Syndrome

    If I get my hands on some good sativa, I clean the entire house, wash the dogs, scrub my carpets, pluck my eyebrows, cook dinner and clean up after. Indica on the other hand...ZZzzzzzzzzzz
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    Happy Spring

    Spring is officially springing here in the Northwest Ohio. I have used mj since the 1980s. I do not have a garden, but am interested in a small one. I am afraid of my neighbors catching a whiff and calling the cops. I smoke everyday after work coincidentally at the 4:20 hour or right...
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