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  • Indeed even the horses knew where to stop and were very displeased if I insisted on going closer to the bay head.
    At least 2016 will be a Presidential election which will be on our side and with the clown car running on the swp (scared white people) side it will help. Hopefully we will be ready for the Sheldon Adelsons of the dark side. The Sativas freaked me out a bit as I had only had experience with G'ville gree Indica hybrid. I had no idea that Sativas grew so tall, but they were fun.
    AMK, I was reading Dank420Girl's 500 gal. smart pot journal when I came across your post.
    "...If my state gets legal, and can grow outdoors, I'd like to grow some big sativas..."
    Many years ago when I was growing G'ville green, outdoors of course, a friend returned from S.E.Asia with a handful of native Sativa seeds of which he gave me a few. I planted them near a bay head off of the lake at our farm where the Deer Flies guaranteed a lack of looky-lous, to make a long story short they grew to well over 14' tall.
    As far as ever being allowed to grow in Florida it will not happen as long as the State sticks to what they have been doing so far which will only allow the selected few produce. There is a new petition to get MMJ back on the ballot for 2016 and we can use all the signatures that we can get. If you have yet to sign and if you can it is available at United for Care

    Hope all is well and green.
    Happy Hemper
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