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    Tutorial: Homemade Pipe Made From Your Plant Remains

    Very cool pipe! Thanks for sharing
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    Hello again!

  3. AscendedMasterKief

    Hello again!

    This was my last grow, back in 2015 Bag Seed - LED - Scrog
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    Hello again!

    Thanks for the welcome all. I've not been growing anything of late, save for my starfruit tree still being alive, yet not producing. Wanting to grow, as I have a new place, but may be moving again. I already moved once a couple years ago, and may be again, so holding off for now. Will keep y'all...
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    Seed starting problem

    Personally, I've used the "push the seed into some moist soil" method in the past, and it has worked at least 7/10 times, on average. Has your seed germinated yet?
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    Website Upgrade: New Features

    I love the SSL! Call me paranoid, but a secure connection for those of us in hostile territory makes for a comfortable place to share photos and posts about our stuff! THANK YOU!
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    Hey there, are you there? Been so long, I still have that awesome light. Thank you. I'm planning...

    Hey there, are you there? Been so long, I still have that awesome light. Thank you. I'm planning to start growing again, after a four year hiatus. My trailer park started charging electric, and bills started adding up, had to sacrifice some hobbies. Hope all is well for you, mate.
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    Hello again!

    Hello, everyone! It's been so long, I felt I should make a new introduction. MMJ and recreational has come so far in the last few years, so amazing, so great, just not in the 'glades yet. I'm really happy to see 420Mag has SSL now, I think I asked about that in 2014 or so. Nice to see some...
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    Bag Seed - LED - Scrog

    Holy crap, I'm so sorry to have abandoned this! This was my best grow, 2 zips! Some of the best smoke I ever enjoyed. I see the site is using HTTPS now, I REALLY appreciate that! Thanks, 420Magazine! ~AscendedMasterKief. Edit: I'll see if I can find some photos!
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    Bag Seed - LED - Scrog

    Thank you for the replies, mates. I've been watering only after checking the soil dryness with a finger, and that makes it about once a week. I have used an 11-35-15 orchid fertilizer throughout flowering, except for the last watering. The sugar leaves are still green (and pretty frosty), but...
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    Akisunni Outdoor NorCal Winter/Spring 2015 Grow

    Looking good last we've seen, how are things going now?
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    Relaxed's Outdoor Medical Grow - 2015

    Doing great, Lester! For some dumb reason, I've never considered putting a tarp under my soil while mixing. I guess that's why they call it dope, lol. All looks yummy.:thumb:
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    Bag Seed - LED - Scrog

    New photos! This gal's fan leaves have gradually been yellowing, a few at a time, for the last week or two. I haven't been too concerned, though. Should I be? She's approximately at 40-something days of flower (of 12/12, actually), and has been growing quite quickly. And...
  14. 10 June

    10 June

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