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    Clone possibly dying help

    The light was round 10 inches above. luckily the plants rejuvenated themselves and they were doing great for two days but i am now facing other problems that i also dont understand.
  2. 5 day old clone

    5 day old clone

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    Clone possibly dying help

    -250w hps -purchased today at harbor side in Oakland -transplanted into foxfarm ocean soil tonight at 830 -first time using box so I'm not sure on the outcome -temperature is around 65 degrees -lighting 18/6 4am-12am
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    Comment by 'ayeitzzphil96' in media 'Growbox'

    I forgot to mention I planted them in foxfarm ocean soil
  5. Growbox


    My plants are under a 250w hps and I just purchased them today at harbor side . They are purple kush and are about 3weeks old I believe. I have there lighting schedule 18/6 starting at 4am and ending at 12am . My problem is I think the clones aren't doing so well I need input.
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    Help with my next step

    I will be receiving 3 clones in a few days and i dont know what to do. the only source of light i have is a 250wHPS in a grow box i built.
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    6ft grow box beginner Help

    the box is 6x3 i have two 80mm fans as exhaust and I am in the process of buying a 4in Vortex fan for intake. my light is a 250w hps. exhaust is 2 80mm pc fans and my intake is going to be a 4inch vortex or a 6 inch hydrofarm . im curious as to my next step as i will have clones in a few days...
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    6ft grow box beginner Help

    My box is 6x3 . I plan to have some clones in a few days so i need to know everything else needed now. I have a 250w hps , 2 80mm pc fans for exhaust and i plan on ordering a 4inch vortex fan or a 6 inch hydrofarm fan for intake connected to ducking that goes out of the window. Im open to all...


    6foot by 3 foot grow box with 250wHPS
  10. intake fans

    intake fans

    2 80mm pc fans
  11. power strip

    power strip

    inside of box. is outside better/safer?
  12. intake hole

    intake hole

    plan to have a 4inch vortex or 6 inch foxfarm for intake running out of the window.
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