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    What are some good cheap LED lights in the 100$ range trying to do do budget grow

    Cheapest 300w led that works? I can vouch for a generic Chinese one that comes in at $76 Australian. Grew the above 2 plants with it in a tent I made. Tent is only about 1m x 0.5m x 1.5m
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    Light reflective properties of Ametalin

    No problem :P So any ideas on whether the above material I mentioned will work in a grow tent? Guess everyone has some form of this wall insulation material in their part of the world so hoping someone has some insight, cheers :)
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    Light reflective properties of Ametalin

    Hey thanks for the reply. I'm actually making a tent and was looking at this to line the inside. Sure I could simply buy a tent, but I enjoy building too. Thanks again!
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    Light reflective properties of Ametalin

    This is the stuff I'm talking about Ametalin SilverWrap™ 1350mm x 10m Light Duty Wall Insulation It says 97% reflective, however I'm assuming they are talking about heat there. Anyone know about the light reflective quality of this stuff? I'm considering it to line my grow room as...
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