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  • Pretty good soniq420 - I am just about ready to upload some photos of my recent work soon too showing some great malawi cobs I got hold of!

    Peace and love:tokin:
    Brother BadBrad is around again :woohoo:

    How's that Malawi Gold treating you over there in Africa?

    Hope you got to see some world cup ;)
    Ahh now that's what I'm talking about! I can't wait to get hold of some heavy indica strains for the evenings - I need to chill! Only have some HEAVY sativas and hybrids right now (not that I'm complaining!) But I am craving the couch - I hardley stop in a day untill I eventually pass out in the early hours of the morning.

    The grass is always greener - literally!LOL!
    Been smoking this strain 4 a while now and i'd advice u to not plan on doing anything, if u are gonna smoke the Herrer
    hi there im barry from london. im new to this site only joing a few days you have any growing experience so i could maybe ask you a few things. i would appreciate it. thanx.
    Hey! Ms.Fox cheers!:smokin: - Actually its very moderate at the moment 25oC down to about 16oC at night (we talk in degrees celsius) From around the end of September October onward it gets pretty hot - but the climate on the whole is very temperate and it is usually sunny but not too hot and the air is beautifully clear! Best climate on Earth and I've traveled!
    Hello from Florida! Thanks, that's sweet! How's africa? I'm assuming it's Hot right about this time of year.
    Hey Rainen, thanks for the bath tip! Sorry I have taken so long to respond but I am battling depression and it has been taking its toll on me at the moment - nothing against you or 'nything. Hope you are well and remember - 'dont drink an drive - smoke and fly!'
    dead sea salts
    almond oil
    jojoba oil
    lavender essential oil
    zip lock bowl with lid
    coffee grinder to grind sea salt

    in the bowl put:
    grind the salt {has to be dead sea salt}
    2 to 4 drops of lavenmder more or it will be too strong.
    i like alittle more oil in there cause you can keep it it wont go
    bad for about a year, if you keep your hands out of it.
    scrub down till you turn alittle pink all over body, but avoid
    all of the natural cracks.
    Let stay on you for 5 to 10 min.
    this draws toxins out.
    dont freek out the water will be dark as you rince.
    scrub feet well its better than those suposed kinoke pads.
    you will feel great for a week.
    drink lots of water to get rid rezidual toxins.

    you can just make the salt for bath salts.

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