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    Senator Meadows Wants Ganja Spliffs Decriminalised

    lyrics from Barrington Levy's "Under mi Sensi", "Hey, Babylon, you no like ganja mann, but ya weed bring da foreign currency pon di island!" cultural/socio oppression in a very poor and violent place...
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    Christian Weed?

    I thought this was an interesting thing to read.... Marijuana and the Bible by The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church
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    Big up's man, I like your avatar Peace and prosperity

    Big up's man, I like your avatar Peace and prosperity
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    Big up's!!! Cannabis awareness for the nation, the healing of the nation

    Big up's!!! Cannabis awareness for the nation, the healing of the nation
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    American Stockbroker Sets Record For Cannabis Consumption With 115,000th Joint

    I hope he lives as pain free and as fully as he can, try another 115,000... the healing of the nation
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    Cant stop myself!

    I feel the pain, man. I try little tricks with myself, i.e. no smokin' during the day, half-bowls, whatever, but I still run through my sack so quick. Maybe try and split a quarter with a friend or two, then you can ease cost and still have yummy variety. Be an extra nice hubby and keep...
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    New Evidence Proves That Legalization Won't Increase Marijuana Use

    Great factual, logical viewpoint, too bad the powers that be couldn't use accumulated info to make reasonable informed decisions based on popular demand.
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    Get a Whiff Of This: Lincecum A Social Pioneer?

    I am a huge baseball fan, an unapologetic Yankee fan, and this was so much more refreshing to read than the lame ass Ster*ids busts. Not that any police action is good, do you know what I am saying (southpark)? My point is that I am glad we are not dealing with performance enhancing drugs...
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    Hello Everyone Me & Towelie Just Joined

    Sounds like you got your head on straight, sorry 'bout the tribulations... Hope you have the best of luck with all your endeavors, there are lots of laughs and support around here, so glad you found it! peace, Flav
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    Will this work? feedback please

    Re: Will this work? feedback plz. I have passed three tests using o.p. urine, kept in a sterile specimen jar, wedged in my crotch right under my sack, to keep it body temp. Just be calm, cool, and collected. Good luck....
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    If you could get high with Anyone - Past or Present - who would it be?

    Re: If you could get high with ANYONE (past or present), who would it be? I would like to burn it down with Hemingway, and then go fishing.....
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    Can You Smoke Enough Dope To Save California? Read The Fine Print Here

    Wow, that's a lot of pot: 16 million ounces are annually consumed in California, according to the report. You gotta love this state because...uh...uh... we forgot what we were going to say. awesome line, I just spit cola on my screen from laughing.... anyway, step it up...
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    Adding orange/lemon peel to container

    :ganjamon: I do occasionally to keep my herb from drying out in my stash jar, but a little goes a long way. Maybe like a fingernail sized slice to start, it seems to give it a little citrus zing, anymore than that and it tastes like you're blazing an orange. I also keep my stash jar humidified...
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