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    Recreational Pot and ObamaCare

    Any one else thinking that state/fed sponsored health care is gonna have some stipulations that force rec pot users to force help through sum form of drug testing ? weather its to get pre authorizations for monthly meds ? I am getting bad vibes although i ve havent even logged on to the gov...
  2. basementdwell

    Relief Elusive For N.J.'s Youngest Medical Marijuana Patient

    I feel your pain. NO LAW/ GOVERNMENT WOULD BE ABLE TO STOP ME FROM SAVING MY LITTLE GIRL FROM THE PAIN AND SUFFERING YOU SEE HER GO THROUGH EVERY DAY. PLEASE PM ME If i can help. NJ has one of the strictest mmj laws around. thc % limits and u have to be on or closer toy your death bed for them...
  3. basementdwell

    UK growers look here :)

    just though if u need ur stuff back u may be able to find it here Notts County use seized cannabis lamps to help their pitch grow Fans of late-night snacking, unkempt facial hair and Phish live albums in the Nottinghamshire area may have been excited to hear that Notts County are using...
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    Sealed Garage Medical Grow

    awesome room wish i had funds to get sum thing like this growing. You would be a good room to put on tv show like the soon to be pot shop show. love the budd too :)
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    growembig's current grow @ 11 weeks. Indoor RDWC / SCROG

    any details as to what kind of nutes u used ? any additives ? I plan to run a undercurrent set up and i am curious? looks great wish i had the space u got :)
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    Basement Dwellers Kush Diesel Chunk Hydro Grow

    so the same plants are in the pvc tubes and the roots are getting crammed and lifting my over flow swiches and causing the pumps not to run :( dam i need to find the right system for my room. the buckets are great and the controller works great when the water lines from the pump dont get in the...
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    Basement Dwellers Kush Diesel Chunk Hydro Grow

    ok well having some issues.one i was following gh expert schedule and i was in the 1800ppm region on wk 2-3 and they didnt like that so they barked at me and i lost some time. but I have been taking it easy on them for the last 3 wks. first wk 900 ppm and 1100, and 1400 last wk they are...
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    Can you identify this deficiency?

    gonna take a shot in the dark but think ur water temp is a tad high but isnt the cause. the ph of 5.9 locking out all ur calcium. cal is important for moving nutes through the plant. I am gonna say u need to flush to get them back on track. also set the ph to 5.5 and let it ride up. during veg...
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    Basement Dwellers Kush Diesel Chunk Hydro Grow

    ok ready for another round of 8ball kush and strawberry diesel :) a family shot of the 8ball kush family shot of the strawberry diesel unknown leaf deficiency unknown leaf deficiency unknown leaf deficiency
  10. 8ball unknown def

    8ball unknown def

  11. 8ball unknown def

    8ball unknown def

  12. the 8 ball family

    the 8 ball family

  13. 8ball preflowers

    8ball preflowers

  14. 8ball unknown def

    8ball unknown def

  15. 8ball unknown def

    8ball unknown def

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