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    Cyber Smoke out, lets go! I'm getting stoned!

    holla.... im still around folks! puffy puff puff hahahaa
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    Nope, havent been able to get up and running, things changed on my end so I had to give it up but I plan on gettin back into it once im all settled in :peace:
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    Beensmokin's Bagseed Bonanza

    Sorry, grow went incomplete... Living situation changed and some other personal things came up... I'll be up n' running again one day. :)
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    Smell of Cannabis in the air, smells like Victory to Me

    Glad to see your still farmin it up mr mago, I'm tuned in for this years season :pop2:
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    Waz up? Been a while... Still around, those of you that know me.... Hows it been going!? I've been good, great actually! LMK how you all have been! :439: :peace:
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    Cyber Smoke out, lets go! I'm getting stoned!

    Bumpty bump for ole times sake :bong: Ay mr. mago!
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    Nirvana - White Rhino Indoor + Bagseed

    Helllllloooooo :slide: How has everyone been? I been doing great! Just checking in and letting everyone know im still here and kicking. No grows for me right now unfort. due to living situation but I'll bounce back! And when I do, my good ole 420mag buds will know :bong:
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    Thanks, times have changed alot on my end just trying to adjust and make ends. :bong: Nah me trying to travel right now would be no good, got to many bills and my lil one is about to start pre-k..... The x wouldnt agree w/ it anyway :11: Work is steady, very steady..... Gotta make more $$...
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    O yeah. You know it. Sure ill be here for the rest of my life but hell better make the best of it :smokin:
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    Thanks DaHui, been a while glad to see your still kickin! :439:
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    Some of you know me and some of you dont.... Just dropping by... I'll be visiting more often :439: Gonna try and give my advice where possible, its been a while though! Berrydizzle! Mr. Mago! Yo guys long time no speak! Anyways just wanted to say hey and what not. :peace:
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    Cyber Smoke out, lets go! I'm getting stoned!

    Bumpty Bump..... Peek-a-boo, Bringing back an old one! :bong: :bong: Yes im back, so hit me up!
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    Berry's DIY DWC Diesel and West Coast Funk Soil Grow

    Looking great berry. I cant wait to get up and running again.
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    Mago: Texas style

    Hey There Mr. Mago! Long time..... Hows about a couple pulls for ole' times sake :bong: :bong: Yes sir! Glad to see your up and running finally. Take it easy
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    Urdedpal's Journal

    So where's UDP @? been in lately?
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