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    Grandpa Punch Flip +30 days
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    Chef De Green Does It All: Reveg, Clones, Autos & Photos

    This young lady has survived helmet removal surgery as well as membrane removal surgery and seems to be doing fine. I'm not sure if the SFV stands for San Fernando Valley or San Francisco Valley or something else. But it's crossed with Platinum and is from IGH so I'm going to count on it being...
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    420 Magazine's Nug of the Month: June 2020

    Everything looking delicious so far! :popcorn:
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    Black Cherry Punch.JPG

    Black Cherry Punch from In House Genetics
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    Black Cherry Punch.JPG

    From In House Genetics.....Black Cherry Punch
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    Chef De Green Does It All: Reveg, Clones, Autos & Photos

    If you've got the RH dialed in 4 weeks is a very good cure time to see what you've got.
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    Stanks Switch It Up In 2019

    I thought I would share a photo of a bud on my Grandpa Glue (Gorilla Glue #4 clone only cut X Purple Punch) currently at flip +28 days in flowering. On most of the buds the leaves are the buds are starting to turn color. Her aroma is a sort of gassy grape with the grape a wee bit stronger at...
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    What's In Jim's Grow Room?

    Hey Jim! I'm in agreement with you. The Ultra Dogs all look pretty darn similar in appearance.
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