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  • Thanks for the BB thread! I found it just when I was about to take the plunge for a 180 LED ($450). I just hate the fact that when the LED bulbs useful life deteriorates that I have to toss the whole thing. My 2 year old UFO 90 cost $350. It vegs great, but needs supplemental lighting in bloom to fatten up decently. I am actually thinking of vegging under the UFO and finishing under the BB.

    Did you play SUN God and vary the bulbs? Maybe a couple 2900s in veg, more in early bloom, maybe a couple 6500s in late bloom? I'm wondering whether bulb mixing would improve yield and quality. Any thoughts are appreciated.
    ha I've got all my fingers and udders crossed on this one! Its my first time using these lights and what a pay out in the end. I'm stoked.
    I posted an answer to your question in your journal, and the 15 ozs was from the total off 4 plants....awesome job man your going to have a really great harvest :ganjamon:
    Nice We live in Bend. Its still small, I can still drive from one side of town to the other in under 20 minutes. I looked into your photos many moons ago, mabye 2 months. Anyway I seen that 15oz. off one plant! Did your Trics go through any changes under that long of a period of flowering? Was'nt it like 130 days or something? My Trics havent even changed milky yet and was just curious. Red hairs coming in now and trichs increasing more and more. I guess its all good so far. My tallest plant is 3'11" from the soil. phuckin nuts! lmfao!!! Hey look at my business site Im making Adult Content Warning Take care.
    nice job... I used to live in eugene/springfield many. many years ago and used to go deer hunting in eastern oregon
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