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  • Hi bill are you able to take a look at my post what I made a while back you gave me some advice to start with just asking for more really 😂
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    I just looked at the post then read this.
    Hope you are well my friend.
    I'll help. :thumb:
    @Savvage61 ... that's not RO. all the pur filter does is scrub odour. it lets the rest of the shit through. it'll be the constantly changing municipal water causing an issue if it is the water. that particular filter doesn't do anything.
    Thanks, I'm not up on my filters anymore.
    Hope you are well my friend.
    Check out the greenhouse sometime.
    I'm hooking up the bat signal soon.
    Only it will be a pot leaf. :19:
    @bluter yeah it just caught me by surprise I been doing everything by the book. I am finding out now that a lot of people seem to have issues with Fox farm trio dont get wrong I made a lot of mistakes but I learned a lot by screwing up i started week nine 9 , 2 days ago trouble free woke up to find a 1/3 of my leaves yellow they alway change right before hjarvest but this was too many in a short time 3-4 weeks and ill harvest my next grow will be 4 photos under a scrog 2 black berry moonrocks and 2 nuclear scary bubbles. Thx Bluter at least i can rule out the water every grow gets better and better maybe this one will be be pristine .but then ill have trouble getting my bloated head in the tent lol any thx and have a great evening
    for got something I had been using Tap water running iot thru a PUR water filter on the spicket I think it is reverse othmosisus could that cause issues (spell check where are you) we are on city water and it changes when ever we hav e a storm or someone craps in the road, it is constantly changing its PH but I alway shoot for 6.34 would going back to distilled water thx bud
    Sorry forgot this one.
    Ro water requires cm , have you been using it from the beginning?
    As long as your setting ph to 6.3 it shouldn't matter. :thumb:
    Have a great weekend Amigo.
    I am guessing if we were younger and less wiser than we are now we would have kicked this thing is the azz in a few days. I guess whaty I am saying as we get older we trade endurance for wisdom I guess Id rather be young, dumb and full of (you know how it goes LOL than be a sick old smart ass.

    I have a issue I would like your opinion on I threw it in purple pics hoping someone might pick it up I am dealing with a issue and im not sure what it is ever since I started this plant it has been growing under the canopy is a big cabbage ball I have cleaned it out sevral times and it still isnt right now im getting the crap on the lower to middle leaves like below I checked my soil PH and it says 6.6 every thing I put in it has to be 6.5 to 6.2 I shoot for 6.3 but take what is close as not to ping pong my ph the plant next to it is identical and a pristine plant same ph same everything. I need these 2 to finish so I can start my next photo grow with quality seeds from Nukehead labs and grow some real pot no more of these autos lol. I know I should prolly flush But right now i aint up for it Im considering throwing some worm casing on top adding some cal mag plus and say screw it what do you think it is ? after checking the chart im guessing it is a Molybdenum or Boron issue both are rare I know my temps are runnin between 68 F lights off to 79 F-80 f lights on after 16 hrs, I will be so glad to be done with Fox Farm,mad scientist kit, Geo Flora makes much more sense I hope this post makes sense My hair is on fire and Im sick lol
    Thanks for your patience my friend and mentor
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    Good morning @Savvage61 :ciao: sorry for my absence.
    I've barely had time to post a couple pics, let alone check my notifications. :Namaste:
    I'd flush the pot with 3x volume after water then feed again at 6.3.
    You been pounding the chelated nutrients into her for months.
    The left over salts are overloading the root zone.
    Sorry it's a pain I know.
    But it will get them eating again right to harvest.
    Hope your having a great morning Amigo.

    Stay safe :cool:
    Hey buddy you feeling any better yet? if ya weren't so dang old you would have bounced back. I going over my next grow and I am done with fox farm I got 2 4lb bags of geoflora (veg & Bloom and a nice lil pack of Dynomyco) I understand the Geoflora But not so much about the dynomyco. How do you use it? also the only other thing I plan on using is Purpinator do you recommend anything else ? I was wondering about the fox farm solubles for budding Open sesame/blooming Budz /cha ching 1/4 teaspoon 1 time a week (potassium and phosphorous) would that be too much with purpinator?
    Thx Bud get better soon
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    Good morning my friend. :ciao:
    The Dynomyco you sprinkle directly onto the roots.
    Then I mix some into the soil or coco.
    I explain it all in my pictorials.
    You can get away with just the Geoflora nutrients if you want.
    Purpinator is great if you already have it then use it.
    The other stuff is usable but not necessary.
    Geoflora and Purpinator will be more than enough nutrients.
    How is your son doing?
    hey bud just checking on ya how are you and Stacie doing? good, I hope. My son got out of the hospital on wed,had us worried
    Just wanted to say and take care
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    I'm so glad he is back home safe.
    I'm still not dancing a jig yet, but slowly improving.
    Stacey is hoping to get back to work tomorrow.
    Hopefully I'm feeling better soon.
    How are you doing? Everything ok?
    Hey @WenworG sorry about your tummy.
    I have a terrible problem digesting food.
    Until I started taking RSO. daily my life was hell.
    Now RSO has helped me with so many health I recommend it to everyone.
     Ricky  Simpson  OIL. =  RSO he made it to cure cancer but its great for so many things.
    I'm on just a maintenance dose now, one dose 4 pm every day.
    Absolutely love this stuff.
    I also take cbd every morning it's excellent aswell.
    Hope your ok my friend.
    Hey bud
    Just wanted to say I haven't disappeared My pc parts arrived and the motherboard was bad so I had to return them and I'm back to waiting My plants are beautiful I think one of the best parts of growing is seeing those beautiful buds I guess buds are to me what flowers are to normal people lol I got some pics as soon as I'm back on ill post them'. It sucks I cant work like an unpaid vaction to broke to do anything and to depressing to want to
    Any way take care be back soon
    Hey Bill, sorry for posting again.
    I gave my plants plain water 4 days ago and they need to be fed today. I was supposed to give them nutes this time but since I bought this “belem” product I am not so sure how to do it.
    Since they got no nutes last time I suppose skipping on the nutes again wont kill them and I just give them water+ belem.
    I will mix less than advised?
    Do i just water them normally till runoff or do I give a little bit of the belem with 500mil of water and 1l water with nutes?
    Or 1.5l of water and belem
    Or how do I do it..
    I should have thought of this earlier. I saw some flying gnats when my gf shut the whole thing off.. there was no air circulation and they must have laid their eggs.. the bigger plants have not grown in size since weeks but they are developing buds.. maybe too late now what do you think?

    Sorry I feel like i must give you half of what Im going to harvest.. and thanks once again for helping
    No worries on the pot my friend.
    Feed them as normal.
    As soon as your finished feeding give them the plain water with belem in it.
    Then belem on plain water days.
    Hope that helps.
    It's easier if you post in my purple pics thread.
    That's the link.
    I trouble shoot problems there.
    Have a great day my friend. :ciao:
    Oh Fer fek it deleted my post twice, fek fek,fek.
    Northern Ontario.
    First pic 3 weeks approx.
    Even though it has fresh white pistils they are second stage flowering.
    So not original pistils.
    2nd pic similar time frame.
    Even though pistils are crinkling in.
    Could be more but not much more.
    I typed 2 messages and both feken disappeared Fer fek.
    Hope that covers it, not rewriting it all.

    Stay safe :cool:
    hey bud I think this was meant for me at least I feel like it is because it is exactly what I expected lol man I hope you are having a Blast this weekend you are not Obill weed Kenobi Ganga Jedi master this week you are Buffalo Bill enjoy the fek out of it my friend nOh gimme a home were the buffalo ro..... oh yeah your in Cananda NVM :yahoo:
    HEY BUD sry to bother ya I have a favor to ask would you give me your opinion Im about week 4 of flowering herbies seeds these 2 strains say flower 65 to 75days this is week 7 going on 8 Looking at these I say 3 to 5 weeks till they are ready I think I got time before I worry about trichome color would you give my some ideas, especially the one that has the cal/mag damage I see white pistols are those buds still growing andf if so do I sound in the right time line?
    Thx bud Im trying to be more independent on making my choices but in some areas I am not. In a few days I was to get with you about upsizing pot and what I need to do to insure a good rooting system
    Thx bud have a good day assuming you read this in the am
    I wish ya lived down here I would take you fishing for 100 lb catfish by my house near the James river, what part of canada are you at? above the UP or west ?
    Good morning @Tin1017 :ciao: use the Belem with just plain water.
    @Rexer :ciao: do you know who to order mosquito dunks from?
    It's possible the girl in the bigger pot never got her root ball grown properly?
    She is stunted because of it?
    Just a guess.
    Roots are still growing even in 2nd week of flower.
    The plant will stretch until the 3rd week of flower then growth slows right down.
    Post a pic in my purple pics thread if you haven't already.
    Let's see what your talking about.
    Hope your having a great day my friend.
    Amazon has them, and also within Canada, indoorgrowingcanada usually carries them. That's the only two places that jumps to mind (I've never bought any)
    Hi Bill, I looked for mosquito bits everywhere but without success.
    I found a product called “Belem” that has cypermethrin and is supposed to kill larvae without hurting my plants.
    I’ve noticed that my plants in 20L buckets are smaller than the 8-10L ones, which makes me wonder.
    I gotta feed them nutes soon, maybe in a day or two and was wondering how to do it since I gotta give them nutes and also some of this “Belem” product that contains cypermethrin.
    I guess mixing it with the nutes is not advised lol

    Can my roots still expand eventhough my plants are in week 2-3 in flower?
    They look quite small almost like dwarves.. the 10L plants are way bigger
    Wonder if they stopped growing forever or if there is still a chance
    Thanks Bill and Sorry about your mites..
    hey bill hope all is well , I posted in purple pics asking about the Epsom salt spray and epsom salt in genral as far as the uses I did do a 3x flush on both plants I had a phosphorous overdose and cause a cal-mag issue again I flushed 2 days ago Buit I still see the signs I assume it has to run its course Thats why I ask about the Epsom salt would you give me an Idea on how to mix the epsom salt spraY to treat 2 - 5 gal pots I hope Im not being pushy I didn't know just how much you do till I started on purple pics you are a hero to a lot of people including myself * onm a side note do they have a chat feature on this site? and if I put @Bill284 does that tell you someone is talking about you?
    Thank you very much
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    " @Savvage61 " just notifies my right away someone said my name.
    I haven't had a chance to get purple pics sorry.
    Took yesterday off so I'm 50 notifications behind.
    A table spoon of Epson salt ground up and dissolved in a liter of water is good.
    I'm sorry if I missed any questions I'll get over there as soon as I clean up my board.
    ty brother Ill try that shortly. take your time on reply buddy
    Hey Bill, its getting really hot out here.
    My tent temps are 26-27 lights off, 30-32 with lights on. Rh usually around 50-55%
    Room temp is 28 degrees upstairs, downstairs is much cooler 18-20.
    Do you think its worth it to spend 5+ hours fixing the tent downstairs, or am i better off by just leaving them upstairs where they are to avoid stressing them too much?
    I wouldn’t mind doing it if it will be beneficial. Do you think 30+ degrees are too high for the last 2 weeks of flowering? Downstairs i could get it down to 25-27 probably?
    Thanks Bill. Hope you are ok
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    Good morning Tin. :ciao:
    Final couple weeks of flowering is vital to bud development.
    Over 26c I find is detrimental at that point of development.
    24 c would be better.
    Hot temps tend to produce fluffy, airy buds.
    For hard nugs a bit cooler temps would be beneficial.
    Hope your having a great day my friend.

    Stay safe :cool:
    so Im guessing you are putting the finishing touches on your greenhouse l.ook forward to seeing it man you just now can sleep with the windows ope? but you do live in the Great white north I just wanted top let you know I think I had a come to Jesus moment. tellk me if I am wrong

    Plant /weeds in nature have a protection that blocks the plant from taking to much of anything that will cause harm what we call nute lockout rain and other forces of nature will take care of it to balance whatever it needs allowing the plant/weed to eat again
    We dont have storm clouds in the tent that's why we flush them also after reading about removing the leaves in terms I understand it is l;like scratching poison ivy sores the more ya pick the more theyu spread

    I believe Verbalist Nailed my issue apparently he has had the same issue with Gorilla glue he said they are temperamental to Phosphorous and I have been drowning my Plants in Phosphorous the fox farm solubles are well over 50 on the npk numbers and tiger bloom and purpinator are sources of Phosphorous that caused a lockout and the signs of a calmag issue is due to the overdose of Phosphorous causing lockout so tomorrow morning I am flushing both plants and on the next feed cut out the fox farm solubles. after the flush I want to ad a gallon mix of sledgehammer flush and wait for it to dry out and commence growing buds. have a good weekend Illk, try to leave ya alone til I see pic of your Greenhouse
    stay safe
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    Morning Amigo. :ciao:
    Sorry for the late reply.
    Sounds like you have a good plan going forward.
    That's great.
    Let me know how it goes.
    Talk soon.

    Stay safe :cool:
    hey bud I'm not sure I can post this link on the forum and I would appreciate your thoughts. I used these when i did remodeling and repair and would use it to check moisture damage I never thought of it till a buddy mentioned it. what confuses me is the drying percentage. Im probably having overkill But I am really unhappy with myself and that one batch smelling like hay for 6 weeks now .I realize I overcame a lot of issues on that grow. and you taught me so much.and I want this next grow to be better so far it is . and I want to make sure I don't blow it in the clinch this time Article for moisture

    thx Bud
    bILL GOP TO MY PAWPAW T MEDICINE TENT I was unable to post images here follow thew link on my sig the very last post says here bill lol
    hey bud hope all is well
    Im still having issues with that 1 plant it is a cal/mag deficiency by what I can tell I feed them last night for the first time after the sledge hammer flush 4 days Prior I did a watering with cal-mag + I am noticing small signs of the problem on new growth since I have been going by the book and water/feeding like recommended I dont belive it is lockout it doesnt look or act like lockout (but what do I know) I realize what I do today will start showing signs in a few days to a week in most cases il be 2-3 days before my next watering I am going to wait things are not showing signs of improvement I am planning on doing a normal flush to the troubled plant and just watering the gorilla glue that is right next to it I have fed and water Identically and the gorilla glue is flourishing but the gelato isnt. both are in full flower now . is tyhis the action you would recommend? I was feeling confident with how much I have learned But I really appreciate your feedback
    Thank you My friend have a great weekend :thumb:
    BTW am I in the purple pic post you talked about? (frickin old people :confused:)
    Just do a proper 3x pot flush on the problem child then let dry then feed full strength at 6.3.
    What def is she showing?
    Here is is.
    ok am IO in purple pic? I hope so

    OBill wan Kenobi II kind a like OBILL WEED KONOBI Jedi Ganga Master
    ok to the pointwuould you min d looking over my scrog these are autos have at a minimum 30-40 days left I think On the left is My Gelato that got Cal, def or mag or nitro any way the cal-mag + seems to have taken care of it But I lost a lot of leaves. first off this started about a week before it showed signs? Right?
    on the left isd my gorilla glue beatiful nothing wrong quite the centerpiece (knock on wood) is there still enough time to still get

    first pic is Under the net still have a little under the net That is still getting good light I might clip a few more if they don't catch up

    the left has had bad leaves removed is there still time for this plant to bounce back 100% I have about 30-40 days min left according to Herbies

    I have a lot of already dense very nice colas forming I want them to get like my LST plants except with 2/3 more yeild
    how are these looking do you see anything Im missing ? I just added my 2 gelato seedlings and I hope that will be the end of my scrog training and Ill start my Photo Granddaddy purple Banner from weed-seeds seed bank,m so Doc what is your diagnosis am I on track? I flushed them on Monday and I want to feed them so bad but the force in me is getting stronger I know they need at least another day or two before I feed them (I get off when you get that growth burst the next day after feeding. anyway Not am I only working on my weedsmithing I am starting to learn patience
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    The only thing that I would say is stop removing leaves.
    Don't care if they are damaged.
    Unless there is peste Don't remove anything.
    Let them be until harvest and they will be fine.
    30 days is plenty time to finish building and fill out.
    They will be ok just keep feeding full strength alternating with water.
    Make sure to let them dry right out between watering.
    Hope everything is good good. :ciao:

    Stay safe :cool:

    easy one being centered around pot for the last 45 years I should know this, when does week 1 start when I transfer the 2 in seedling into its pot ?
    Have a great day
    My message disappeared? :19: Fek
    Some people skip the first week and then start week 1.
    I put the date I plant the seed on the side of the cup.
    In 3 months a week either way doesn't mean that much to me.
    Is it an auto you are tracking?
    Have you seen my purple pics thread.
    I use it to troubleshoot problems for people aswell as posting pics.
    Feel free to post any questions you have in there.
    That offer is open to everyone BTW.

    Stay safe :cool:
    soiunds better than PMing you every day sometime 2or 3. I have learned so much these last few months im driving my wife nuts talking about NPK and PPM and PH but I feel the pot I have grown is mid-grade but im not happy with that I wanna grow top shelf and you are my go-to guy. I wish the re was a way to help you the way you helped me (I know LEAVE YA ALONE LOL ) PURPLE PICS is awesome. Ill send PMs on emergency and friend talks
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