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  • lol i just had some popcorn a couple hours ago!
    btw :
    "whats it mean when they say This Message is Moderated???"

    you can click the checkbox to the right of your new unmoderated messages and then look at the bottom left of your screen and you will see a dropdown that says "delete message" or "approve message" and you can just click approve and go.

    i will look into your other questions for you now
    Had a message all ready to go, then lost it, 2 times. Now I know a little more what not to do, lol. Not a dummie, just a newbie:smokin:. So thanks man, guess you're my first friend. Does that mean anything in particular? I didn't know what a forum was 2 months ago, now I'm on one, but still dont know what most of the stuff means or how it works. Maybe you could check my question about pics in the FAQ section and help me out, ,,after all we're friends now:cheer::popcorn:, how about some popcorn! I love these little guys!
    hello there, just noticed that youre also from the tampa area and just wanted to welcome you to the forums, hope you enjoy your time here
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