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    CBDiesel The Next Adventure

    Its been 3 1/2 days since I moved them to the tent. I can see some growth happening already. They are growing under a Mars Hydro Epistar 160 LED. I have the lights about 4 feet above the plants twice as high as recommended. I will lower them over the next few days. I am don't want to shock them.
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    CBDiesel The Next Adventure

    I picked 8 of the clones that had the most roots and moved them to the DWC reservoirs last night. I added 30 ml of Micro, bloom and Grow to 50 liters of water. the TDS is 240 and the PH is 5.5. There are two 4" air stones in each of the reservoirs.
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    CBDiesel The Next Adventure

    They look healthier today than yesterday. 9 of the 10 clones have roots.
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    CBDiesel The Next Adventure

    Today was day 14 for the clones. 4 had grown roots. When I left the lid off the humidity chamber for several hours the clones did not wilt so I am pretty sure they have roots. The first couple to root. I moved them into the Aero garden with a top I made that has 12 sites for 2" mesh pots...
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