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    Cultivator's Perpetual Grows Return

    Thanks for the reply, the kitchen sockets are 32amp, everywhere else is 16amp, I just don't want to overload,
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    Cultivator's Perpetual Grows Return

    Can I have some advice on the electrical side, how are you managing to power the hps, where or how can I learn this because it would be impossible to do it off the plug socket in house, love following your thread cultivator, anyhelp appreciated
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    Sunlight Reflectors- Supplier (European Retailer).

    Hello Im from the United Kingdom, Reflectors here are bad do we have a retailer anywhere in europe who sales Sunlight Reflectors? (including UK). Product Category: Reflectors | Sunlight Supply: Indoor Horticulture Wholesale, Organics, and Supplies They are great reflectors but very hard to get...
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