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    420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: September 2014

    I have a weird feeling that... the people who enter this contest are having all their friends make profiles and vote for their pictures... I hope I am just making false assumptions but I would also hope people would not be selfish as to do that with this competition
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    420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: September 2014

    This is one of my pineapple chunk plants, photos taken today 9/7/14.
  3. IMG_20140907_134030_776


  4. IMG_20140907_133952_996


  5. IMG_20140907_134254_108


  6. IMG_20140907_134144_281


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    Please Help Find Safe Legal Access to CBD Oil Delivery in AZ

    The strain charlotts web is very high in CBC
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    How would you prefer your Cannabis packaging?

    Those mylar bags suck!!!!! F those bags!! The madacine gets all smashed up like a regular baggie.mo opinion is this " we are not hiding in the shadows any more so why put our medicine in baggies? Its best when they are in the little plastic medicine bottles they don't destroy the trichomes nor...
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    420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: August 2014

    Pineapple chunk photo's taken today 8/2/14
  12. IMG_20140802_170041_031


  13. IMG_20140729_113418_221


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