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    New Poll Has Record High For Marijuana Legalization

    "Why does the federal government refer to cannabis as "marijuana"?" I recently read something by a drug warrior - maybe a former DEA - that they chose to call cannabis 'marijuana' because it would make the plant look bad and trashy to the public. So thanks to their racism we get to say Mary...
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    Legalization Of Pot Could Bring In Billions For Taxes In B.C.

    Controlling the price of THC basically, will be our initial approach, although this marketplace will not resemble that of liquor, not cookin it in the woods in large amounts, gettin drunk and then into a fight and wreckin the truck. Weed is another critter entirely. I think that we are going...
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    Potential I-502 Pot Revenue Double What Supporters predict

    I understand that Pat Robertson, Richard Branson and Willy Nelson are going to parachute into Gasworks Park singing "we're gonna get high as the midnight sun."
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    Group Continues To Push Legalization Of Medical Marijuana

    It is heartening to see that a Republican, possibly awakened by Ron Paul's personal liberty/ anti-drug-war stance, can take a stand for cannabis in Alabama.
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    Marijuana Protest During President Obama's Visit To L.A.

    Obama knows what the polls say. But maybe he has to keep the churches on board to win the election, because the churches push voting. Or maybe he wants to lose.
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    New Mexico Lawmakers Divided on Benefits of Marijuana, Drug laws

    The anti-weed side says that only felons go to back to prison from pot arrests. Wait, were there felony counts on the weed arrest itself? I doubt it. It's just an excuse to load up the prison industry with 'bad guys' even though they may be rehabilitated, older, more mature, quit drinking, etc...
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    Northville to Consider Six Month Medical Marijuana Moratorium

    Northville WHERE? I don't mean to be pissy, but you're omitting a basic rule of journalism: Who, What, Where, When in the lede is needed to orient the reader.
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    Rogue River and Medical Marijuana Center Reach Agreement

    Again, where? You have an international readership. you cannot omit the name of the state, even the country, in a news article.
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    Auburn Leaders Seek Public Input on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Tonight

    Just a minor comment: Auburn WHERE? Alabama, Washington State?
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