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    Turbo Diesel

    ITS AWESOME!! LOL I couldn't resist anymore~~~
  2. Bonethugs420

    Turbo Diesel

    I got a qt of what I was told was turbo diesel, this stuff is stinking up my house... I want to try it but I am trying to get a new job right now and don't want to burn my chances right now.. Anyone had this before?
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    spam kitchen threads

    Whats going on with the spam kitchen threads?????
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    Can't Smoke - Had a Bad Week

    had my first week of my new job and I cant stand it.. I'm going to school for IT but this is not what I had in mind... fucking boring ass shit... I sit and monitor alerts the come in from the companies sites and email the important ones... snore fest.... 3 more weeks of training and ill be on my...
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    I think I need to move back to my birth State!!!!! Congrats to Colorado and Washington State... This will be a huge step for eliminating the war on this wonderful Plant!!!!!!!!
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    Can't Smoke - Had a Bad Week

    I got offered a job, but nothing about a drug test, Ill wait until I start to sample my MaryJane~:peace::blunt:
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    Can't Smoke - Had a Bad Week

    Lost my job Monday.... Have good smoke but cant burn until I find a job and can pass the PT and possible Hair Sample... WTF!!!
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    You know your coming down when

    When the sound of someones voice can piss me off... ~Stay High~
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    Is the weed i bought fake? doesnt taste/smell like weed

    Rookie mistake, never buy pre rolled and also for not possibly sampling what you purchased!
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    I Love This Thing

    It was actualy kind of cheap. I got mine through amazon. Well worth the price I paid...
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    I Love This Thing

    I have an arizer solo vape. This thing is perfect. Getting blazed and not having to shut myself in a bathroom or outside is the best thing ever!!!!!! I vape in my room with the door open and since the big huge burning smell isn't there neither is the worry about the nagging from a non...
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    Favorite time to munch?

    I dont eat everytime but its usually just after a nice vape session...
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    Best Stoner Pet Names

    It was my first dogs name and his name was Sparky
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    Waking up to a new bowl

    I like finding joints that I have rolled and put in my case and finding it sometime later when I was trying to store another one that I just rolled...
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