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  • Thanks, This is my first serious grow. I had a few here and there in moms garden. Nothing like what Im doing now.
    Yes Im just going to snip the banannas off, The thing is I dont see no balls just banannas. So I will let them grow like I said Im in day40 in flower I would hate to pull them cause they still look nice.
    Thanks for your advice and dont be so modest.Between every body here and on google we should be able to find the answers.
    I will keep in touch and let you know how they turned out.
    BornTo420 I still have to say thanks you are the only one that new what I was talking about. You said yours were 50 something days in and you just let them run there course.
    What do you think, Im 40 days into flower should I just keep picking them off real carefully and let them run there course? Was yours any good afterwards. It didnt hurt much or what. LOL I want to pick your brain like I said you are the only one and the bud gods are looking down on you. LMAO Im smoking my bad but yes your the Man and I hope you have a plan. No serious, it happened to all my sensi star, I dont know what stressed them Im thinking genectics because all of them did this and my OG Kush didnt. Yes I have 4 more plants in there that Im worried about but if I pull them flowers off before they open I should be good. It would make it easier if I was in veg.
    But let me know what you think please and I hope Im not bothering you.
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