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  • Welcome back to the team brother, hope everything is good with you now.

    Now we must continue to fight!
    Hello Boss, you seem to be quite the expert at growing with CFLs. So I thought you might have the answers to a few of my questions.

    Im going to be growing in a wooden box that i have layin around here. I will post the demensions when i get my grow started. But first I wanted to ask you, how many lumens per plant am I going to be needing through veg and then finally onto flower. Im going to try to fit 12 plants in 3galon buckets into the box. Id like to get started as soon as possible but im not exactly sure how much light is going to be needed for that many plants.

    Thanks alot for any help man!
    hey glen, i hope every things good with you man. looks like youve got the special batcave room and space for all the beautiful girls in the world ;-) well get well QUICKER! lol
    warmest wishes,
    LOL I knew that. What about those others though. Isnt it strange there hasnt been any activity and yet they were able to vote?

    A lot of users come just to read the news and vote. They probably made the same mistake I did :)
    There was a poll you voted on earlyer that asked if marajuana seeds should be illegal to sell. Your response was yes it should be illegal. Is this the way you meant to vote? If so I wonder if you could explain why?

    I read it wrong, I was in a hurry and the poll is kind of a double negative :)
    I'm going to the doctor today Boss. If all goes well. (or not) I would like to post info in order to help ppl like me who are new to this like me, and help them, like you ppl have helped me. where should I post? and please wish me luck.
    Hey boss.. How is it going? Imma big fan of ur grow.. I was wondering could you tell me how much should I be watering my 4day old babies... One of my babies has yellowish stuff at tip... What is that and what should I do? Im using using soil and I grow out of a closet... Do you know how mucj light the need everyday... My friend told me that I need to keep it in the light for 2weeks...
    Hi Boss,
    I saw your friend request, and approved. Let me know what topics of mine that you may have read, or some of your weed related interests.

    you sir are magnificent! may the powers that be smile upon your plants!

    Hi Boss,

    just wondering, as I am VERY new to growing and have read lots but never tried to grow.

    I didn't know you can use fluro lights to grow, are CFL lights normal lights that one can buy from any retailer that doesnt need a ballast?

    can I buy 3 fluro lights and use it to grow a single sativa?

    any input or thread in the right direction would be appreciated.

    thanks a lot,

    Persica Australis
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