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    Alcohol extraction: Strain characteristics maintained?

    generally speaking, will an afghani strain extraction produce similar results as smoking? such as sleepiness. I am wondering of a person can notice the difference between sativa/indica extractions for effect. Or does just he THC come out ? does the alcohol also extract the CBD, terpenes etc...
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    Troy's 2nd - Autos - DP Ultimate & Euphoria, Meph Alien v Tangle, RQS Diesel

    I appreciate your step by step and pictures, very nice. are you able to estimate the percentages in the batch per ml, or just start small and work up for dosing?
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    Bill C-45: Canada's Legalization, The Drama Revs Up

    for bill c 45, I have a question 3rd reading is in june 2018, then receives royal assent approval shortly thereafter and is passed. Government says provincial shops may not be selling until September due to logistics (shipping etc) will the 4 plant rule and personal possession for people to...
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