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    Consuming Cannabis Could Slash Your Chances Of Blood Clots, Stroke

    The link was on the article. Here it is again: Consuming Cannabis Could Slash Your Chances Of Blood Clots, Stroke: Study
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    VA: Hemp Supporters Laud The Crop, But Research Continues

    I am missing the usual last line or variant thereof: "While the study is promising, researchers say it will be many years before a definitive hemp agriculture program can be established."
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    Oakland Sues U.S. To Halt Closure Of Marijuana Dispensary

    Yay! Oakland. Yay! Santa Cruz.
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    Varga: A 'Yes' Vote For Medical Marijuana

    During the last few months of my 89 year old mother's life, after my getting down on my knees and begging her, she finally tried medical marijuana. The result was astounding. She could sleep again, eat again, her depression lifted, she got her sense of humor back. Her intractable pain and...
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    420 Magazine Logo Contest

    I couldn't be more pleased. Wonderful logo. Sleek, professional. Perfect. Kudos to the designer.
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    Legalize Marijuana Already!

    Hi 420 Warrior Thanks for all the great articles that you are posting! I have a request. Would it possible to put a link to the direct URL of the article. Whenever possible, if I have an appropriate comment, I like to attach it to the original article. The thing is when the link is to main...
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    FDA May Legalize Pot Medicine, But Only For Big Pharma

    "If the plant's two most known ingredients are approved for medical use as a drug, in other words, the government's only choice to remain consistent will be to finally admit that marijuana does have medicinal value, and thus legalize it." Is the author assuming some rationality on the part of...
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    Michigan Marijuana Amendment Advocates Launch Legalization Campaign

    In states with medical marijuana options, traffic fatalities went down by 9%.
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    Obama's War On Medical Marijuana

    You know, Norm Kent can kiss my ass. All this abstract bullshit about the state regulating medicine, and free the weed, and we should all be able to use it right now, completely ignores the reality of those whose true suffering is relieved by cannabis. If it were not for the "flawed" medical...
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    Ron Paul For Medical Marijuana Legalization: Five Highlights Of 2011

    Re: Ron Paul What...? Thanks for your reasoned view of Ron Paul. It is problematic to vote on a single issue, particularly when what is actually being said by the candidate only partially suggests that he might, in certain circumstances, support your position. Yet, I know there is a...
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    98.9% Of You Agree With Ron Paul...About Legalizing Marijuana

    I can tell you exactly what would happen if abortion was illegal, because I was around when it used to be illegal, and the only thing that was different then was that more woman died from clumsy backstreet abortionists. Speaking strictly for myself, I don't think the legality of abortions is the...
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    Weed Wars: Five-Year-Old Takes Medical Marijuana On Reality Show

    Oh Lord, that's because, sadly, the last one that did had his brains blown out.
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    Weed Wars: Five-Year-Old Takes Medical Marijuana On Reality Show

    Those were the days, Art my friend, those were the days.:Namaste:
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