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    Fresh seeds

    i have soaked them, put them in damp paper towels, scuffed them etc. i've tried just about every method . the ones i create through pollination germinate fine. in this last grow, i used almosst 30 seeds from seed banks. i got germination on three of them. with my own seeds, i have...
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    Fresh seeds

    i have been growing for somewhere between 40 and 50 years in the last ten years i started getting seeds from seed banks. i also produce my own seeds by ordering regular seeds and doing my own pollination. in the last two weeks i started a new grow using seeds from three breeders from a seed...
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    Buying seeds with credit cards

    i finally got seeds successfully ordered. i had a rarely used no name mastercaard. only thing i ever used it for was seeds about 5 years ago. it went through with no prooblem. tried it at 2 seed b anks. i have not put the name up because i don't know if that would be smart. but it is one...
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    Buying seeds with credit cards

    i'm in the u.s. attitude and gyo seed bank. tried 2 cards. both were visa. i will try what cofinest said and try master card. got them too. and may also do the card fdrom 7 11. i'll keep you all up dated. i,ve started ordering regular seeds and do my own pollination. as a result of using...
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    Buying seeds with credit cards

    i have bought seeds with credit cards for years. now i am having trouble. any suggestions?
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    Is Northern Light and Northern Lights the same strain?

    i used nirvana's northern lights. great plants with large yeilds. i bought regular seens and polinated one of them. now i have a couple hundred northern lights seeds. good germ rates and good healthy plants. have a couple at just about 6 weeks floweering now.
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    Working With Pollen

    i am lucky enough to have a couple grow rooms. one is small so i take the males and the lucky female to that room. i dont dab on the pollen since it is 30 feet from the main flower room and sealed off. i wait until the pollen sacs are literally breaking open. i then cut the males down and...
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    If a male Sour D knocked up a female Lemon Haze?

    i occasionally buy regular seeds and intentionally cross breed. by coincidence i polinated a nice female sour d with master kush by nirvana. the rresults weer a plant like a sour d but buds more like kushl. very good weed and since i used a lot of pollen, i have a couple hundred seeds. thats...
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    Hopefully simple question on cloning

    yeah, i figure thats probably the case because they look healthy as hell. and as you said strains root at different times. i'm probably just overly anxious. just like my current crop. i put some under a microscope and they need another week or so. but patience is not my strong suit.
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    Hopefully simple question on cloning

    i used to clone a lot but haven't in the last couple years.(had plenty of seeds.) i just put 6 cuttings from ak47 and 6 cuttings from critical sensi star in to clone. it has now been 10 days in rockwool cubes but no roots are protruding from the cubes. i scrapped stems, dipped them in...
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    Cloning feminized seeds

    same here. i have cloned from feminized seed plants for years. however, i do my own pollinating and when a plant grown from a feminized seed is pollinated, the offspring is major league hermie. so just clone them . don't pollinate them
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    Regular seeds

    i use a lot of regular seeds. i ordered 6 strains of some of the best in the world. upon growing i took the best female and the best male and did my own pollination. i now have over 1000 seeds of sour diesel, thc bomb, sugar black rose, northern lights and have master kush and one other...
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    Anyone know how to change a male plant to female?

    call it the bruce jenner strain
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    Question about some seeds from a hermie

    plant the seeds and get some "reverse" by dutch master. this product prevents male pollen sacs from forming. i am currently using it on thc bomb from bomb seeds. the plants were hermie right from the seeds i bought. however i currently have 2 of them in the flowering room. they are clones...
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    Nanner seeds

    i had purchased it quite a while ago at a local grow shop which carries dutch master products. l went back today to get some more since i have hermie seeds germinating. they dont have any and the owner, who i know well, said that it cannot be sold in the u.s. anymore because of the labeling...
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