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    Hubba Hubba! Bubba Hash & The Bright Lights Of Redemption: Amy’s Indoor v2.0 With DBHBB

    Morning Amy, if I understand correctly your plants are to cold with lights off? I have found that a oil filled thermostatic heater on a timer (no light) keeps temp where u set it, during lights out.
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    Wake & bake

    Hay glad to hear I’m not alone, roll another one just like the other one. Good Morning sunshine.
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    Wake & bake

    U never smoked a dubie ? Sorry for the spelling error, I just finished 1 this morning before posting:slide: not something I do often But I had a whim , glad u got a laugh Jack, and yes it I believe it builds up in the system.
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    When wil it flower?

    Different plants, and different strains flower, at diff. Times. How long were they in veg? Before the switch, and u must not let any light in the room / tent during lights out, none ! At all. My 2 cents
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    Wake & bake

    Nothing like a dubbie to start the day off right !!!!
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    Tied cheese cloth or strained thru a coffee filter after the infusion, ether way works, I use coconut oil as the carrier but see no reason y honey can’t b used instead :idea: it’s a bit sticker as long as it’s hot it should flow thru the filter OK imo.
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    If you've gone 20 years without, what would you smoke?

    Sounds sweet, what seed bank did u get the honey peach from ? I like the % of cbd to thc. thanks
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    Need a little help here please?

    Without a picture it’s more difficult to do.
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    The Real Reason Marijuana Is Illegal

    Has a non smoker ever died of lung cancer? Of course, so there’s no real correlation between the two.imo. As the states legitimize weed, the stigma of it being bad is fading away, now if those old guard ass holes in Washington would do the same thing we could move on to more important matters...
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    How much water per day should I be feeding this plant?

    Only water when pots are lite, real lite, if growing in fabric pots feel the bottoms for moisture or dampness besides going old school ,finger to the first knuckle witch works too ! Pot likes to cycle wet to dry and seams to flourish under those conditions just like a weed btw. When I water I...
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    Vacation prep

    I’ve got 3 plants going now, 1 photo, and two autos inside under a CMH 315 12/12 the photos in flower now. Going on a 10 day cruse and trying to figure a cheep way to water while away..... ? I water completely the day I’m leaving . Filling iv bags for a drip setup or upside down wine bottles...
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    Judging Trichrome Color

    Hard to call, without a look thru the scope, I do see more white hairs than I prefer, Veva la difference Keep the tries clear to partly cloudy if that’s your taste. I get headaches if clear to cloudy when harvested dried an cured properly don’t know Y? Lol
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    Judging Trichrome Color

    Hi MT welcome to the show.... sounds like your close to harvest :yahoo:congrats! I check the same with a loop with a LED attached, trust your eyes with the scope under no other lights but the LED from the scope. Grow well and prosper my friend.
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    Insulation batts: Why didn't I get these years ago

    The plastic covering makes all the difference for me, never heard of earthwool before sounds like a winner and fire proof to boot well OK, thanks
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    Insulation batts: Why didn't I get these years ago

    That fiberglass? With a foil back? To each his own, I guess, I wouldn’t want any fiberglass shards flying around landing on my stickie buds.
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