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    What's your unexpected favorite tool?

    Each time I order Chinese food I get the chopsticks, luv um, use them for a host of things, I’ve Supported growing plants with them, and used for a type of trellis.
  2. Bud

    PCaddict's 1st Grow Journal

    Hay PC, I like the idea of a shared grow journal, each farmer submits their thoughts. Randomly like your journal now. Everyone putting in there 2 cents on the grow,fun, fun, fun I think. And I wanted Thank U PC for allowing me to comment on what your growen, it’s interesting, I enjoy the banter...
  3. Bud

    PCaddict's 1st Grow Journal

    Morning PC and friends, I was able to order N/H fems from Seedsman :yahoo: I’ll hold off till fall to plant, looking forward to the adventure.
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    Fish Cake's Tunes & Yours Too, If You Want To Join In

    Well it’s flooding down in Texas, Stevie Ray.... that riff kills me each time :)
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    Storing seeds

    I’ve found that if I take seeds and store in opaque aspirin bottles (plastic) with a silica pack I can store in the fridge for years, u can substitute silica pack with a few grains of uncooked rice if needed. And don’t overcrowd use more bottles instead. Imo
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    Is There a Similar Substitute for Mylar?

    Keep plants off cold basement floor if possible.thats My opinion. Lol
  7. Bud

    What color is your ash?

    Gray is OK....salt and pepper is also good, but a black ash means u did something wrong !
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    New Jersey Horticulturalist

    Not a bad idea, I know of a few co. who will come to your house and set everything up for u. Beats digging a ditch, I’ll bet u would meet some very grateful people glad to see u. U know those Yuppie type that are book smart without any common sense or mechanical app. Just Doing it cause it’s...
  9. Bud

    Schloss Von Blurple

    Thanks for the explanation, I’m using ph up and down that I got on line. Good info thanks
  10. Bud

    PCaddict's 1st Grow Journal

    PC, Would u please stop dripping honey all over my computer, it’s sticker then a ripe cola Already!
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    Schloss Von Blurple

    Hay Baron, I have a Q. I noticed u added 2 Tbls of white vinager to your feed water and wondering Y? I use W/V in my humidifier to clean and fight mold. I never thought to use as a supplement.Whats the Logic if u don’t mind me asking. And yes those frosty buds are something to b proud of mate...
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    PCaddict's 1st Grow Journal

    Your killen me Smalls, lol:laugh:
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    PCaddict's 1st Grow Journal

    I’m in Jersey, hay it’s not that far north at all.we’re parallel more or less. I don’t know the laws in Ohio Is it legal to grow? Here if u get caught they hang u up by the Jingle bells. And take everything u got. Walking a tight rope, and flying under the radar it’s been working for 40+ years...
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    PCaddict's 1st Grow Journal

    I live up the north too, how far up are u ? In the U.S.,Canada or Alaska, I’m in the states. I like to start my outside stuff inside first and wait till it warms up enough to place outside. So that my grow time outside is extended. To include a harvest som time in July. Just in time for a auto...
  15. Bud

    PCaddict's 1st Grow Journal

    Morning PC, thanks for the link. I’ll check on it this morning before they run out? I’m wondering why start in the fall why not the spring , April or May or how bout June? I do grow som monster size weed outside. Lol
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