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    No Roots Yet

    Info on how to upload pix Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos Why are you turning the pumps off? Never turn your pumps off in DWC/Bubble Buckets it's the only DO (dissolved oxygen) the roots are getting, no air bubles in reservoir means roots that can't get oxygen and...
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    Question about clay pebble medium

    Been growing with hydroton for a long long time, the easiest way to clean it is to put in a tote and boil some water and soak the hydroton in the boiling water overnight (no soap or anything else needed), same as reusing it after a grow, clean all the roots off and put it in the tote and give it...
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    How much more time till harvest?

    Get yourself a pocket microscope w/LED or jewelers loupe w/LED and wait until you see 10%-15% amber over all the plant, that would be an ideal time to harvest. Also, the last few weeks of flower the buds can swell up and add a lot of weight, so be patient. :)
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    Can anyone help - Sick plant don't know where to post!

    Looks like soil but I want to be sure...is that soil or coco? pH? Nutrient solution EC/TDS/PPM?
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    LED - Veg and flower switches

    . 18" away if they are rooted seedlings/clones is kinda close...Put the LED about 32"-36" away when they are young and getting acclimated to the intense light, they'll take off and then you can lower the LED to 15"-18" away. :)
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    First time growing

    Good Job on your first grow, looks nice. :)
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    Hey guys I'm back - Junk weed

    You said they were moist, they shouldn't be moist, if they were dried & cured correctly in jars with Boveda 62%, they should feel like squeezing nerf that doesn't fluff back. Tell us how you dried & cured them.
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    First grow - Nutrient Timing

    Guievonat is correct, about the 3rd week is when I introduce nutrients...usually about the 2nd-3rd set of true leaves and some nice roots. Start out at 1/4 strength of bottle directions and slowly work your way up on EC/TDS/PPM. The two on the right are your Veg A&B...use in veg stage, part A...
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    What's the difference between a sterile rez and a beneficial rez?

    Voodoo juice, Orca, Hydroguard, Z7, and some GH Floranectar or Botanicare Sweet and you'll have the cleanest, whitest roots and best rhizosphere ever....big roots = big buds. Everything I listed is what I use, even at 82f (27.8c) testing on the back patio in GH water farms and never got root...
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    What's the difference between a sterile rez and a beneficial rez?

    Go live, and let the bennies work for you.
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    TFDS Top Feed Drip System

    Is this a RDWC (recirculating top drip through hydroton) or a top drip to waste like for Coco? I run GH waterfarms which are RDWC...the drip ring sits on top of the hydroton in the top grow container and runs down through the roots into the bottom reservoir and gets pumped back up to the drip...
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    How much time do I have left and what's wrong with the bottom leaves?

    Normal for the bottom fan leaves to die off late in flower as the plant uses the resources from those leaves as energy, or it can be from low light as well. Get yourself a pocket microscope w/LED or jewelers loupe w/LED to look at the trichomes on the flowers, the only true way to tell if the...
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    Explain your idea of pruning. Defoliate or lollipopping?
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    Is this a hermie?

    What you're seeing is normal on a female, the calyx will swell at the branch & leaf stem (petiole), will also do it where the petiole, branch meet the meristem (main stalk). If you had a hermie there would be ball shapes, more round than the tear drop shape of a calyx, or nanners (male pollen...
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    Eagle claw and leaves curling down

    Looks like your soil was already hot (has nutrient elements) and the Biobuzz added made an abundance...I see nute burn on a few tips and the dark green color & clawing is way too much Nitrogen. I would use only pH'd water until they get lighter in color and the soil elements start getting used...
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